Peer Support Worker Supervision and Retention: Focus Group Results 

Carol Coohey, Abigail Heaton, Kellee Thorburn McCrory, & Miriam J. Landsman, National Resource Center for Family Centered Practice, University of Iowa (February 2024)

Supervisors and their organizations play a vital role in supporting and retaining peer staff. Peer supervisors described high-quality supervision that meets peer workers’ needs. Supervisors offered several recommendations to support and retain peer workers.

Iowa Peer Jobs Study: Job Titles, Credentials and Wages

Carol Coohey, Carrie Means & Kellee Thorburn McCrory, National Resource Center for Family-Centered Practice, University of Iowa (April 2024)

The purpose of this study was to describe key characteristics of peer worker job ads, including job titles and earnings, in Iowa and nationally. The low hourly wage offer for all Iowa peer-eligible positions was $16.47; however, when we removed crisis worker positions from the analysis, it was $15.31. The median hourly wage offer for all peer-eligible positions was $17.57 (after removing crisis workers: $16.51).