Faraji Hubbard, PRS, RCP, RCPF

Comprehensive Recovery Coordinator of the GuideLink Center
Certified Peer Recovery Specialist
Recovery Coach Professional
Recovery Coach Professional Facilitator

Faraji Hubbard, PRS, RCP, RCPF, is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (PRS), Recovery Coach Professional (RCP), and Recovery Coach Professional Facilitator (RCPF). He was the first in the state of Iowa to achieve the Recovery Coach Professional (RCP) designation from CCAR's Center for Addiction Recovery Training. Along with these achievements, he is also a Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) trained Recovery Coach and Authorized Facilitator and Certified Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) facilitator. Faraji is also a member of the Iowa Peer Workforce Collaborative's Peer Advisory Committee and is an appointed Steering Committee member of The Iowa Department of Health and Human Services’ Hope and Opportunity in Many Environments (HOME) Project.

His current role at the Abbe Center for Community Mental Health is Comprehensive Recovery Coordinator at GuideLink Center in Iowa City. GuideLink Center is one of the designated access centers in Iowa and provides immediate access to substance use and mental health services. Faraji has a unique position at GuideLink Center. His leadership role enhances peer services and care coordination internally but also promotes connections beyond GuideLink Center to improve peer outcomes. 

Faraji Hubbard